Zodiac Inflatable SUPs

This is not your every day inflatable SUP! Brought to you by the same Zodiac brand that made rigid inflatable boats a household name. Zodiac SUPs offer the finest in quality materials and manufacturing that they do with their boats, making these SUPs stand out against the competition with their durable rigid design.

This inflatable stand up paddleboard, available in 2 sizes, is designed with Fusion technology (FCT) that comes from the latest high-end drop-stitch gluing techniques. Its two layers of PVC are assembled by fusion and not glued, an industrial process that allows you to have:

  • A lighter inflatable board than competing brands

  • 30% More rigidity than comparable products

  • 85% less glue compared to a glued double-layer paddleboard

 As a result of our strong relationship with the Zodiac brand, we were able to secure these in-demand SUPs at below cost and are able to offer these top quality paddleboards at a price you will not find anywhere else online or in-store.