Boat Lettering

Custom Vinyl DMV and USCG compliant vessel registration lettering is now available through the Boat Specialists! If you are local to us here in Ventura, CA we can assist with registration lettering installation packages to display your registration in accordance with DMV and USCG requirements. If you are out of state or not able to visit us in Ventura, fill out the form below and we can send you your vessel registration numbers in an easy to install vinyl sheet. Simply peel and stick! Instructions are included. Lettering is sold in pairs, so, you will receive (2) sets of your Vessel Registration numbers.


Just like your car or other vehicle, boats are required to be registered with the DMV to be operated legally. Specific requirements about what type of boats and vessels need to be registered tends to differ from state-to-state. In California, where we are located, the requirement is for any motor-powered boat or inflatable to be registered with the DMV. Upon completion of registration you will receive a Vessel Registration number, similar to a vehicle license plate number; as well as a registration sticker for the current year. These pieces of information need to be permanently affixed to your boat in a specific layout. The Vessel Registration number for California will have a 'CF' prefix followed by 4 numbers and then 2 letters. Typically reading as follows: CF 1234 AB. Other states follow this same format with state-specific differences. In California, this vessel registration number needs to be permanently affixed to the front left and right sides of your vessel in a plain, vertical, block-type character of at least 3" in height. The registration sticker, as well, needs to be permanently affixed to the boat both before and after the vessel registration number on both sides of the boat. 


If you are purchasing a new boat through the Boat Specialists, we can assist with this registration process and provide a custom vinyl Vessel Registration package with a registration sticker pocket. Speak with your sales representative about this in relation to your new boat purchase! Questions relating to boat lettering can be sent to