PCM Modular Docks


Pacific Coast Marine (PCM) Modular Docks are the modern solution to all your recreational docking needs. Explicitly designed with boaters in mind, PCM Docks provide a safe and durable platform to easily store your yacht tender, inflatable boat, wave runner, jet ski, or kayak. The user-friendly system allows water vessels to easily drive onto the platform for dry-docking.

PCM Docks and platforms are the fastest and most economical option on the market. In addition, to their superior flotation and non-slip surface, these docks require little to no maintenance as they do not splinter or rust like traditional materials. And thanks to the versatility of the modules, it is possible to assemble them to your unique custom needs!

The modular dock systems allow for effortless assembly and can easily be transported from one spot to another. PCM Docks offer many practical options and a wide variety of accessories so you can be confident that your dock is suited for you and all your boating needs!