Trade-In or Sell Your Boat


Are you thinking about selling your boat but don't know where to start? Whether you are looking to sell, trade-in, or consign your boat, outboard, or trailer - we can help! To learn more about the ease and convenience of selling or trading in your vessel, simply fill out the form below, and our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss your options.

Trade-in. Trade-ins are the most popular way people choose to exchange their previous boat for the boat of their dreams. Trading in your old boat is a hassle-free process and eliminates the majority of work on the part of the customer freeing you up for more time spent out on the water. The Boat Specialists will pick up your old boat upon delivery of your new boat, perform a thorough test and evaluation of your craft, and either pay cash or cut you a check for its market value. When you trade-in your boat, the dealer takes ownership and responsibility for the vessel moving forward.

Consignment. Consignment is a great way to get cash for your high-value vessel. After a thorough test and evaluation of your craft, the Boat Specialists will determine a market value for your boat and put together an estimate for cash value and dealer fees. By choosing our consignment option, boat owners can be relieved of the hassle of selling their boat on their own and can employ the large market audience and exposure the Boat Specialists provides along the west coast and beyond. When using our consignment services, you will continue to own your boat until a buyer purchases it.

Sell. Selling your boat is the most straight forward way to get cash for your vessel in the quickest amount of time. After a thorough test and evaluation of your boat, we will make you an offer based on its market value and calculated dealer profit. When you sell us direct your boat, outboard, or trailer, we take on ownership and responsibility of the vessel moving forward.

How it Works. Fill out the form below and submit photos of the vessel you wish to sell. Our team will review your submission and contact you with a ballpark estimate if the vessel is a good candidate for our program. Next, the vessel will need to be appraised and a test and evaluation performed here at our shop in Ventura. Once the test and evaluation have been performed please allow up to 72 hours to receive a final offer. Please note test and evaluation fees must be covered by the vessel owner.

Do you have questions about trading in your boat? Are you ready to sell or put your vessel up for consignment? Please fill out the form below, and our sales team will contact you shortly.

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