AB Inflatable Boats

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For five decades, AB Inflatables has continued to redefine the RIB market through its constant search for innovation, building each AB rigid inflatable boat with exceptional standards. Highly recognized by their use by the Italian Coast guard, AB Inflatable products are available in more than 80 models, including aluminum, fiberglass, and jet tenders for leisure and professional use. Each vessel is handcrafted in house, including hull, tubes, rigging, and inboard engine installations. The result is a full line of inflatable boats designed and built to please a wide array of customers with the exceptional quality they have come to expect from AB.

AB boats are recognized for their fit and finish, and all of their boats utilize synthetic rubber fabric (Hypalon), including their popular aluminum RIB lines, which have become their name to fame in the US. AB boats typically have the deepest "V's" and a protruding forward hull, which adds nearly an extra foot of keel length. Besides their unparalleled level of passenger comfort, these boats are packed with fully customizable top-of-the-line equipment and features, making AB Boats an excellent choice for discerning customers.