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Yamaha Scratch & Dent Outboards

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Boat Specialists is one of a select group of Yamaha approved dealers who have access to their "Scratch & Dent" engine inventory. Typically, these outboards were damaged in transport, which cause them to be returned to Yamaha. For customers who do not mind a scratch here or a gouge there, this program presents an appealing value proposition. Each engine in this section will be labeled with a S&D Level, which typically designates the discount and damage level.

Usually, it is just the shipping crate that is damaged, but on some occasions, the damage is extensive enough that there are cosmetic imperfections on the outboard. In either case, the damage does not affect the performance of the engine, just the appearance. Based on the amount of damage, Yamaha offers us these engines at a discount that we pass along to our customers. On top of that, Yamaha still applies their 3 year warranty, which can be extended just like any of Yamaha's engines. To view Yamaha warranty extensions, Click Here!